Although we started skating together in 2013, we actually had our first try-out about six months prior to teaming up.  Each of us had competed internationally with previous partners, but have experienced our greatest achievements while skating with each other.  We are currently training in Montreal, Quebec with coaches Marie-France Dubrueil, Patrice Lauzon, Romain Hagenauer and Pascal Denis.  After representing Denmark from 2013-2018, we have been released by the Danish Skating Union and will take a year off from international competition and start our preparations to compete for Canada starting next season.

  • Laurence started skating in 2001, which is five years after Nikolaj first took the ice in 1996.
  • Laurence competed at the junior level representing Canada.  Nikolaj has always represented his home country of Denmark.
  • When not skating, Laurence enjoys cooking and competing in triathlons, while Nikolaj likes outdoor activities and time on his computer.
  • Laurence and Nikolaj are the first Danish ice dance team to compete on the Grand Prix series (2015).